Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Good Grief!

Saturday was my Uncle John's birthday and no one reminded me! I bet Uncle John is very disappointed in me :-(

Uncle John is my dad's older brother. My mom says he is the Jack to my Matt. In other words, Uncle John probably spent a lot of time trying to destroy my dad's life! Or maybe just beat him up.

But it's okay now. They get along okay. Uncle John gives his Cubs tickets to my dad and Jack and gets them into the Stadium Club. We all have dinner together at Grammy and Grandpa's house, and he comes out to the cottage when we are there and goes fishing with me. My mom says someday me and Jack will be like that, but I don't think Jack will ever go fishing with me. He doesn't like fish.  Uncle John also lets me stay with him when my parents and Jack do stuff for Misericordia. I go to his cool house and eat pizza and watch tv. I can do things on my laptop and things on my laptop on the tv. It is very cool. He used to have a video game called shuffle shot at his house, but it is broken.

So happy belated birthday, Uncle John!

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