Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ramadan and fasting

Tonight for homework I had to research Ramadan. This is what I learned: it is a month of fasting. Muslim people have to not eat, drink, or swear between dawn and dusk. They can eat before sunrise and after sunset. They are also supposed to pray and read their Qur'an. Fasting is supposed to help Muslims clean their souls and learn self-control.

Jack just read an article that the Pope says that Catholic people are supposed to fast this Saturday to pray for peace in Syria. I said "no way!" but Jack said I am too young to fast. Whew!

I think observing Ramadan sounds hard. I don't know if I could not eat or drink for the entire day. I wonder if Muslims controlled the TV, if they would cancel the Food Network for the month of Ramadan? It would be hard to watch food shows when you can't eat.

During the summer, my mom and me stopped at an Arabic restaurant to pick up food for lunch. (Lunch for mom and dad and Jack. I don't like Arabic food. I prefer McDonald's.) It was very crowded and busy. There was this angry yelling guy who yelled and swore at everyone. Then he said he was tired of waiting and demanded his money back. Then he called us all names and stomped out of the restaurant. I think that guy needs some anger management classes.

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