Wednesday, September 11, 2013


My dad is in Amsterdam for the next 10 days. He is there to attend the International Broadcaster Convention. He tells people about sound mixers.

Amsterdam is the capitol of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is 7 hours ahead of us in time, so we can only talk to dad first thing in the morning, when it is afternoon there. We talk to him on Skype, which is cool, because we can see each other on the computer screen.

Amsterdam is very old. It has been a city since the Middle Ages. The city has a lot of canals. My dad says the weather has been kind of rainy.

I can't wait until dad comes home! He is going to miss Jack's birthday on Saturday.  Dad can wish Jack a happy belated birthday, just like I did for uncle John.

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  1. I think your dad is lucky to visit Amsterdam; every time I see pictures I wish I could go there. I've read that everyone bicycles. I wonder if your dad will rent a bike while he is there?

    -Laurie (your mom's friend in Seattle)