Monday, September 23, 2013


Recently, Internet hated popstar Justin Bieber has posted a picture featuring the logo of the upcoming Batman-Superman movie. Who could he play? It's not Alfred, it's not Commissioner Gordon and it's definitely not Batgirl. There have been many rumors spreading around the Information Highway that he will be playing the Boy Wonder himself, Speedy!

Off-screen voice: You mean Robin?

Oh right, Robin.

Great, first we had Batfleck and now we have what I like to call "Robieber." I guess Christopher Nolan, the director of the Christian Bale Batman movies and one of the producers of the recent Man of Steel movie, wanted to bring back the child-like charm that Robin brought in the old 60s series and the Joel Schumacher films. In fact, let's bring on some clips of Chris O'Donnell's performance!

(fake whining-babbling is shown with clips of Robin in the Joel Schumacher film "Batman and Robin")

I think we had enougha that. Let's hope Robin won't sing "Baby" at Batman's face when he and Superman encounter Mr. Freeze and Brainiac. I think Tom Cruise would make a better addition to the Dynamic Duo.

And I'm out of stuff to talk about. This is Andy Mayer signing out with a quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze, "Stay cool."

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