Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday the 19th

I had a very good day at school today. I finally understood multiples and was awake the whole day. The only bad thing is the weather. First it was pouring out from last night to today until it cleared up but started boiling. Last night, I turned off some lights in case we don't get another blackout. Trust me, I HATE those blackouts. You can see nothing at all and it's really scary. At least the fridge was closed.

I also been playing Tales of Monkey Island by Telltale Games and LucasArts (R.I.P 1982-2013). It tells the continuing adventures of Guybrush Threepwood Mighty Pirate TM as he tries to find a cure for his wife Elaine after an incident involving the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu and his enemy LeChuck. He later washes up on Flotsam Island and meets an old ally of him, the Voodoo Lady and has to find La Esponja Grande (Spanish for "The Great Sponge") a powerful sponge that can soak up any voodoo energy. Along the way on his quest for the Sponge, he encounters captain-turned-first mate Reginald Van Winslow (who I know from Poker Night at the Inventory), pirate hunter Morgan LeFlay, the evil Captain McGillicutty, the deranged doctor Marquee De Singe, Coronado De Cava and his crew, his old friend Stan and finally the Grim Reaper himself after being sent to the afterlife. The first chapter was pretty tricky and I almost got through Rise of the Pirate God, but I'm sure I can save the Caribbean, defeat LeChuck and other stuff. By that I mean complete the game.

Overall it was a great day. I hope to expect more from Telltale Games in the foreseeable future. 

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