Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Still sick

I'm still sick, end of story.

Naw, just kidding! Anyway, I'm still sick because this cold has been around for a while but I am starting to feel better. And Dad is coming home Wednesday, woohoo!

Another topic I want to talk about is how I think the J-Pop industry will take over the world, and no I'm not crazy! Think of the game Azure Striker Gunvolt, where our hero who works for a resistance against some random evil corporation, discovers that the controller of a holographic pop star is actually a 13 year old girl. Think very hard on this one. Young girls are using their singing talent for their crazy fans and evil owners.

Now look back to Hatsune Miku of the Vocaloids, if anyone reading this would understand what I'm talking about. Now Vocaloids are computer-generated puppets that you can make sing and dance and Miku is one of them. Speaking of Miku, she, a holographic version of herself, once performed in front of a whole audience in Tokyo and it sold more tickets than the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy!

Meanwhile in reality, one of the members of the J-Pop multi-group AKB48 was apparently caught by the press dating a random guy when the rules say any member of the group weren't allowed to! Now, they announced of new member that's the Japanese equivalent of Frankenstein's Monster! They're creating idols to control our brains, wallets and eventually the world! Play the game, look up the Miku concert on the Internet (I recommend the Kids React of that by the Fine Bros), look up the whole AKB48 thing and you'll understand what I just said. (sirens erupt) Oh great, it's the fuzz! Quick, assemble some heroes, stop this revolution and don't say I didn't warn you!

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