Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Every Simpsons EVER!!!

During the last week of August and the first day of September, there was a Simpsons marathon on FXX that promoted said show's FXX premiere, 26th season premiere and the Family Guy crossovers coming up. It was said to be the longest marathon ever, lasting 12 days airing all 552 episodes plus the movie chronologically. Even the bad ones such as season 9's Principal and the Pauper. When you air an episode that even the creator Matt Groening can't defend, you've got guts. And I wonder how the "real" Seymour is doing on that train?

I've watched the marathon and in the words of Comic Book Guy, best 12 days of my life ever! I'd have to say, that was a great moment in my life next to unlocking Dr. Mario in Super Smash Bros Melee and playing through so far all seasons of Sam and Max. Out of all seasons, I'd say 10 is my favorite mostly because I think it was the first one I got on DVD. Man what a ride I had on the last few days of summer. And a big thank you for the Simpson clan themselves for making people laugh since 1989. Or 1987 if you count the shorts from the Tracy Ullman Show as canon.

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