Thursday, September 18, 2014


I just can't think of anything to write now, I suppose I can dish out an idea just to help. Here's one!

Season 1: The Oswald Saga

Mickey Mouse as Goku
Elmer Mouse as Gohan
Minnie Mouse as Chi-Chi
Donald Duck as Krillin
Mortimer Mouse as Piccolo
Goofy as Tien Shinhan
Max as Chiaotzu
Peter Pan as Yamcha
Scrooge McDuck as Master Roshi
Ortensia as Bulma
Oswald as Vegeta
Pete as Nappa
Big Bad Wolf as Raditz
Jafar as Frieza (speaking cameo)
Thor as King Kai
Abu as Bubbles
Jiminy Cricket as Gregory
Captain Barbossa as Bojack (unseen)
Piglet as Oolong
Zeus as King Yemma
Walt Disney as Kami
(more on this some other time)


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