Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Have Jokes

I had a good time at Have Dreams this week, especially in snack time. My mates and I were joking about a part of one of the Richard Scarry's Busytown games where the character Dr. Diane would always use bandages. Here are some of the highlights!

"Doctor, I split my pancreas!" "I'll put a bandage on it."

"Doctor, I have a brain tumor!" "I'll put a bandage on it."

"Doctor, some guy ripped my tongue out!" "Open wide. I'll put a bandage on it."

"I've been shot in the privates!" "I'll put a bandage on it."

"Doctor, I lost my leg when it was run over by some kid driving a pickup truck!" "I'll put a bandage on it."

Well as they say, that's all folks!

1 comment:

  1. Heh, that's funny! I posted a Let's Play of this game on my YouTube account (wileyk209zback) and I also criticized Dr. Diane just putting bandages on everything!)