Monday, September 22, 2014

Reasons Ms. Diggins and family should move to Chicago

Ms. Diggins was my teacher last year, but she moved home to Buffalo to be near her mom and brothers and sisters. I think she should just move her whole family here and come back to teach me. Then her mom wouldn't miss her AND I wouldn't miss her!

Reasons to move to Chicago from Buffalo:

1.) Chicago Hot Dogs. Have you heard of Buffalo hot dogs? I don't think so.
2.) Lake Michigan is better than Lake Erie. Or maybe less polluted, anyhow.
3.) Patrick Kane is already IN Chicago!
4.) You can get Buffalo wings here, too.
5.) My grandpa is from Buffalo, and he moved to Chicago, so Chicago is the right choice.
6.) Does Buffalo even have a baseball team? I don't think so. We have two.
7.) I MISS HER!!!

Evidence clearly supports the entire Diggins family moving to Chicago.  As Jean-Luc Picard would say "make it so!"

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