Monday, September 8, 2014


Yesterday, my mom and brother and I went to the Misericordia Family Fest. My mom worked there in the morning, and then she drove home and got us, and then Jack had to work in the afternoon. His job was to hold signs and things for the Misericordia Heartbreakers. They are the dancers at Misericordia, and my Uncle Sean is one of them. My mom had to do a lot of driving yesterday because my dad was working at the Bears game, Grandma was already at Misericordia, and Jack can't drive yet. (I find the idea of Jack driving a car very frightening.)

So, we dropped Jack off to do his job, and then met up with my Grandma to sit down and watch the show. It was very crowded and very loud. It was horrible. Before the Heartbreakers danced, a couple of politicians had to make some speeches. Bruce Rauner was there, and Governor Quinn, and Dick Durbin, and someone running for Comptroller, blah blah blah. Dick Durbin had the best speech. He said "God bless Sister Rosemary and God bless Misericordia." I was glad his speech was so short because I was ready to get out of there.

After he blah blahed, Governor Quinn walked around and shook hands. He came by me and mom and mom asked if I wanted a picture with the Governor. I said "sure, why not?" So we took a picture and shook hands. He asked how old I was and where I went to school and I told him. He seemed like a nice guy, but you never know with these politicians, I guess.

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