Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Toons These Days: Doc McStuffins

Doggy: If Dr. House had a Sheriff Woody doll, what would happen? THIS! And it's named Doc McStuffins. Alright, so there's this black kid named Doc for some reason because she is called that by everyone, and she makes her toys come to life with a magic stethoscope. Where did get she that thing, Mordor?!

Anyway, she's like a toy doctor and wants to be a real doctor like her mom when she grows up. Her friends are the adorable cuddle giving Lambie, the brave dragon Stuffy, her nurse Hallie and the cowardly snowman Chilly. Couldn't find any clever names so Disney had to make puns out of names. For a cartoon like this, they couldn't make an antagonist. Couldn't it be like an old teddy bear that's jealous of the toys?

That's enough of that. They have songs in it! Yeah, like Sofia the First couldn't top that. They're not that bad unless you count that stupid tune.

My rating? Six out of ten. Now if you'll excuse me, me and Conroy are gonna get ready for the Super Bowl.   

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