Monday, January 14, 2013

Toons These Days: Sofia the First

Doggy: Well, whoopee doo! Disney added another character to their Disney Princess line. We had the first three from 1937 to 1959, a fish,  a bookworm who falls in love with a beast, an Arabian, a Native American, a warrior, a Black person no offense MLK, their 50th animated feature and another redhead. Sofia's her name, and outshining the others is her name. Why? Because she's not really royal enough to be a true princess and she's also a kid. Great way to end 2012 Disney. Anyway, what's the story on this Bad Animation Royale?

Anyway, there's this bratty kid named Sofia who works in the village shoeshop with her mom and for some reason, her dad isn't there. Wonder what happened?

Mufasa's Ghost: Remember Doggy, I died and he maybe did to.

Doggy: But you got run over by wildebeests. Back to Sofia, they are tasked with making new slippers for King Roland II. It was a perfect and they were too. They get illegally married and the mom becomes the queen. Wait a minute, if she's married, doesn't Sofia legally become a princess? Nah, that's just stupid. Anyway, there is this evil wizard who works with the king called Cedric who hates having his name mispronounced by Sofia. Maybe it's a mental problem. Also he's voiced by Wakko Warner.

So the show opens with an hour-long pilot that actually got the Hollywood treatment by releasing it in theaters and having the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty as meet and greets.

Two months after the pilot's release, the show finally came on with a really pointless series premiere. Another thing that annoyed me that it had SONGS in it! Look at ChalkZone, they had two minute songs at the end of each episode. Sonic Underground has songs right in the middle of the episode. For those of you that hated that show, when they're no action anywhere they sing! Anyway, the main character is voiced by Ariel Winter. The same chick who's the voice of Marina the Mermaid on another Disney preschool show that I hate, Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Y'know, these two shows are kinda the same but with different themes. Back to the songs, I HATE THEM!! They are so annoying that they makes the songs in The Lorax and a Justin Bieber album sound passable.

They just have stupid themes like relationships, food, believing you can do anything and all that cutesy-wootsy hooey!

Overall, it's not that good but the characters are fine and Cedric is my favorite character even though he wasn't involved the first episode and the next one coming up next Friday. He must've fled to Saskatchewan.

Conroy: Gesundheit.

The End. Voiced by Brad Smith, Leo Menlanson and Myk Friedman as Mufasa. Art by Alex Dudley. Written by Andrew Mayer.

NOTE: This is a fan review. Doggy D. Dachshund and Conroy Cat belong to Dtoons. The rest belong to Disney, Illumination Entertainment, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros and DIC Entertainment/Sega.


  1. Just saying but, I love the Lorax and it kind of offended me when you said the songs were stupid but that's okay... My mom hates it too when I watch it because she says the song are stupid too...