Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Next Annoying Orange Episode: Toast Busters.

Previously on Annoying Orange....
Voice: Do an episode called "Toast Busters".
And now the real deal!
(phone rings)
Orange: I got it!
Pear: I got it!
Midget Apple: No. I got it. Hello? (muffled voice) OK. We're on the job. Guys, old lady Passion's manor is infested with toast zombies!
Pear: Let's go guys. Those zombies are not gonna bust themselves.
Orange: To the Batmobile!
Pear: You mean "To the the Ecto 3"!
(Batman theme plays)
Passion Fruit: The toast are wild! They messed up the kitchen, tore up the books and broke the rules of the Dewey Decimal System. You have to stop them!
Pear: We're on it ma'mm. (opens door)
Orange: Where are you guys?
Pear: We're right here Orange.
Orange: Oh. I thought we were playing hide and go seek! (laughing)
Pear: You can cut the act now. Let's go bust some toast!
One minute later.
Midget Apple: We've been searching everywhere but can't find anything but this guy.
Marshmallow: Can I join you guys? You're so awesome since unicorns! Yay!
Pear: (groans) Fine. Let's find some clues on the roof.
On the roof.
Voice: Rarghhhh! Shh!
Pear: Aw snap! Who is he?
Toast: I am Stay Toast yo boneheads!
Pear: Quick guys! Fire! (blast)
Stay Toast: Yargh!!!!!!!
Orange: Our blasters are working!
Stay Toast: Blargh!!!!!!!! (boom)
Orange: Whoa! That guy's toast! (laughing)
Passion: You did it guys. You saved my home and stopped the zombies! Let's bake some cookies for celebration!
Pear: And I hearby name you a Toast buster.
Marshmallow: Yay!
All: Yay!
The end.
Old Lady Passion: iJustine.
Stay Toast: Aaron Massey.

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