Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Next Annoying Orange Episode: Gotta Knife 'em all!

Grapefruit: Well well well. If it isn't Orange Ketchum.
Orange: Well well well. If it isn't Team Grapefruit! Hahahahaha.
Grapefruit: OK. But your lazy cohorts Pearck and Misty Fruit are no match for us.
Pear: Lazy?
Passion: Cohorts?
Grapefruit: And your Fruitemon Midgetchu are no match for our Fruitemon.......Marshwth!
Marshmallow: Yay! I'm going to battle!
Orange: Oh well. Go Carrotsaur!
Carrotsaur: Rahh!
Grapefruit: All right. Go Peachizard!
Marshmallow: Aww.
*Wild Peachizard has appeared!*
*Carrotsaur has used Leaf attack*
*Peachizard has deflected the attack*
Orange: Carrotsaur! Go back!
*Carrotsaur has been replaced by Celeryquaza*
Grapefruit: How about a little friend for my Fruitemon? Go Lemoncario!
*Peachizard has a new ally, Lemoncario!*
Orange: Well, how do you like this? Go Midgetchu!
Midget Apple: It's Littlechu!
*Celeryquaza has a new ally, Midgetchu!*
Celeryquaza and Midgetchu has used Double Finish!*
*Peachizard has fainted*
Orange: Yay!
Pear: Way to go Orange!
Passion: You did it Orange!
Grapefruit: Alright Ketchum. You may have won this time. But we'll return soon enough.
Pear: But there's only one of you.
Passion: My sister Mandy is with him.
Orange: Oh..........kay then.
The end.

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