Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The Lego catalog came in the mail. I love Legos. Here's what I like to get.

1. Harry Potter The Knight Bus.
Desricption: Purple. 3 levels. Includes Hedwig and Shrunken Head.
2. Cars 2 Mack's Team Truck.
Description: Includes Mack from the original Cars. Looks intriguing.
3. White House.
Description: Looks exactly like the real one. May come with a lego Barack Obama.
4. Ninjago Blackamith Shop.
Description: Includes spinner, four weapons and a chicken leg.
5. Lego City Satellite Launchpad.
Description: Includes technician mini figure

I like to build random lego things.I have a lego building I built right next to me. I also built some thing that is either a prison cell or the Tardis from Dr. Who.

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