Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Soundtrack's a Happy Song (literally)

I got the soundtrack for Muppets Most Wanted in my Easter basket along with a Pikachu plush and Yoshi's New Island. Now, I loved Muppets Most Wanted but the music is what really stole me. Now, before I continue, another favorite song of mine in this was the Interrogation Song. It had such a catchy beat and hilarious lyrics. Now, on with the unannounced part 2!

Cockatoo in Malibu had a romantic disco beat that made it special. Although it can be a little strange at times.

The Spanish Muppet Show theme was okay but didn't live up to the great English version.

Something So Right was a nice song and was funny at times like the whole "little pink frog and little green piggy" part.

Working in the Coal Mine was catchy for the cold Gulag and it had Jemaine Clement. What else can you ask for?

Finally, Together Again again was a great tribute to Muppets Take Manhatten and it had Josh Groban, an actor my mom is a huge fan of.

Overall, Muppets Most Wanted was great movie and had a great soundtrack. For those who haven't seen it, soundtrack first movie later.

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