Wednesday, April 23, 2014

MOAR Hockey!

We're watching more Hockey. The Hawks are playing the St Louis Blues in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. This is the 4th game. The Blues won the first 2, but then the Hawks won game # 3. Now they are playing game #4 and they are tied at zero.

Brent Seabrook, who is #7 got suspended for 3 games for hitting the captain of the Blues, David Backes. He smacked Backes in the head with his shoulder and Backes didn't look very good after that. I don't think Brent Seabrook meant to smack him in the head, but he probably should have been more careful.

Ha ha. The bank commercial is on where the guy has has a debit card with the Hawks logo on it and it means that Hawks players are with him all the time. I like the one where they swim with him in the pool!

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