Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Cap'n Tazer!

Today is the birthday of the one and only Jonathan Toews, our favorite hockey player. He was born on this day way back in 1988, so that means he's 26. He's 10 years older than Jack, who was born in 1998 and 13 years older than yours truly, born in 2001. He's already won 2 Stanley Cups, 2 Olympic gold medals and a World gold medal. I think Jack and I better step up our game. Though I was in the newspaper and Jack just won some awards at school, so we're not doing TOO bad. Also, mom thinks we're very handsome, so we've got that on our side.

Also, this date is the birthday of my news soccer ball erasers that I found on Amazon. Sadly, I've already lost the black one. Mom says she will find it, but I have my doubts, seeing as how they're so small.

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