Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy Birthday!

This one is for my grandma, who is also my mom's mom. Happy birthday and I won't giver her age for the sake of discretion. Grandma was born in Ironwood, Michigan as the oldest of four sisters. She was married to my first grandpa and had my mom and my Uncle Sean.

She volunteers at Misericordia, likes politics, the news and me & Jack. Sometimes, me and Jack stay at my grandma's condo while Mom and Dad are at something. We would watch TV while she gets us Culver's. I used to sleep in the small couch while Jack slept on the bigger one. Since I'm growing, I got to sleep on Uncle Sean's bed. When Grandma comes over, she usually hangs out with us, but mostly talks with Mom about what to wear.

I sort of fondly remember her old place before she moved. It had the same computer as her new place, had a big door leading to a TV room and that's all I could remember.

Happy birthday Grandma, we love you!

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