Tuesday, January 28, 2014


State of the Union:

I'm joining the State of the Union in progress because me and Mom had to pick up Jack at Driver's Ed and stop at the grocery store and we just got home.

Obama and Biden are wearing blue ties and Boehner is wearing light green. I feel like that is a big departure for him. He should be wearing red.

I always wonder if this address would take less time if people would hold all applause until the end.

Obama is talking about energy. He likes solar energy. He doesn't want t give money to fossil fuel industries that don't need money. Sounds right -- if they don't NEED the money, why do they get it? We are studying renewable and non renewable energy in science class.

Uh oh. He's talking about climate change. There are a lot of people who don't believe in climate change, but Obama says it is a FACT.


standing ovation for fixing the broken immigration system!

Boehner is not wearing a flag pin. He also looks like he's going to fall asleep. And he's not applauding.  Our tv makes him look very orangey-red.

Jack is calling Boehner bad names. "He brings me to great anger!" Jack says.

Mom asked if I would like to go to the SOTU address. I don't think so. It would be too loud with all that clapping all the time.

Tomorrow's workforce -- that's me and Jack. Jack says "the world is doomed."

Boehner looks crabby. I guess reddish-orange isn't his color.

Obama is talking about how great math is. I bet that's because he doesn't have to do math homework.

"High quality early education" -- even Boehner clapped for that. Jack says "even Boehner approves of pre-school."

Hey -- did you know that Apple once teamed up with Bandai to make a video game console called Pippin? It failed.

Michelle Obama is sitting in the balcony. It took the camera a minute to find her.

I give a thumbs down to women making less money than men!

Ha ha -- he referenced Mad Men! Obama thinks that when women succeed, America succeeds. And the crowd goes wild!

There are Minneapolis pizza makers in the audience. The dough guy now makes $10 per hour. I think I could make pizza dough for $10 per hour.

Give America a raise! I would like a raise! I have 2 3DSXL games I want to buy right now and I'm out of money. Mom says I have to do actual work to get a raise. Hey, I put away the silverware! And pick up the family room! And do Math homework! Mom says when I am old enough I can apply for a job at my favorite comic book store. (Aw Yeah Comics!)

Uh oh. He's going to talk about healthcare! People are going to be mad! This woman had a sharp pain and then had emergency surgery. I wonder what was wrong with her?

Boehner looks like we wants to read his email or check facebook on his phone.

Ha ha. Obama doesn't expect to convince his "Republican friends" on the merits of this law. But he says that if they have better ideas they should bring them up.

The governor of Kentucky is a Democrat??? Weird.

Ha ha. Mom and Jack are making jokes about signing each other up for Obamacare.

Aw! One American Family!

Joint Chiefs of Staff! Everyone clapped for the armed forces.

No more troops in Iraq. Some troops in Afghanistan. Wow -- is this really America's longest war? That's surprising. Mom asked Jack about "unified Afghanistan." Jack said "there's not much to say about Unified Afghanistan. It doesn't exist." Jack thinks Obama is too idealistic about the idea of a unified Afghanistan.

Obama says constant vigilance! He's like Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter!

Biden and Boehner have their heads tilted the same way!

John McCain looks somewhat amused.

Standing applause for Israel!

We do NOT want Iran to have nuclear weapons. Jack says "radiation is bad for the soul."

random claps.

He VETO a bad sanctions bill!

How can we even stop Iran from building nuclear bombs? If they really want to build them, won't they just build them? Just because they tell us they are not building bombs doesn't mean they can't lie about it.

Obama thinks Team USA will win gold in the Olympics!

Obama thinks the US is awesome and everyone looks to us. Is this true? Do people in other countries look to us, or do they think we're stupid?

Obama is talking about a soldier who got injured in Afghanistan on his 10th deployment! He got shrapnel in his brain and had to have lots of surgery and learn to do things again, like speak and stand and walk. I hope the army gives him a really good job when he gets better. He got a standing applause. People are crying.

Is this done yet? I'm tired. Though Jack says I'd be more tired if I was giving the speech. Good thing I don't want to be president!

Obama says we all have to work together. "With our feet planted firmly in today, but our eyes cast toward tomorrow." (or something like that)

Now he is shaking hands with people and the reporter is talking. Bob Schiffer says is was a "can-do" speech.

I'm done here. I still have a couple of math problems to do. Those fractions won't compare themselves. If fractions can compare themselves.


  1. You rock, Andy! I'll read your summaries of news events any day. Keep up the great work.