Thursday, January 30, 2014

Polar Madness!

I think this horrible weather caused by the polar vortex has led to polar madness!

It is so cold all the time, and gray and gloomy.
The car is dirty, covered in salt and snow.
Indoor recess!
One time, there was soot from the stove flying everywhere!

(Mom says -- where did the soot come from? I don't think you have a stove at school.)

The soot is for atmosphere!

The weather seems like something out of the Metal Gear games or the China level in the first Sly Cooper game. In other words, MENACING.

We're supposed to get more snow over the weekend. HORROR. (Though I do like snow.)
My windowsill is padded with blankets just to keep me warm.
And I can't sleep in the basement because it is too cold down there!
The roads are slippy and sloppy.

The only good thing about this polar madness is that there's no history-eraser button involved. (hat tip, Ren & Stimpy!)

(Please read the preceding post in a CREEPY British accent!)

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