Monday, March 26, 2012

Kingdom Blogs II Part 2

Now it's time to continue where I left off. Last time, Sora and his friends Donald and Goofy traveled to many worlds, re met old friends and made some new ones. But it's time for the last part. Now Sora and pals made it to Organization XIII's hideout in a dark city with a white castle floating above. Sora told Mickey that Axel said Kairi was in the dungeon. After that, Mickey went ahead. The trio went ahead only to find a strange person in black. When it was revealed to his Nobody Roxas, he mentioned "You make a great other" whne reaching the castle, they found no path. Meanwhile in dungeon, Kairi said that Sora is in trouble because of herself. Saix of the Organization told that Sora's anger will turn him into a Heartless once again (I think that's what he said.) After he left, Namine appeared and freed her. But eventually, their hearts touched and opened the path to the stronghold. I think I already did that. Well, see you later dudes.

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