Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blog Nate goes for Broke

Mom got me and Jack new books from Barnes and Noble. Mine was the new "Big Nate goes for Broke" In this one, Nate, his friends Francis and Teddy, his rival Gina, his crush Jenny and everybody else from P.S 38 including the teachers move to Jefferson, their rival school after an incident during the Beach Party Dance, turns out the the snow was to heavy for the roof to hold. Meanwhile, back in chapter 3. Dee Dee (Note: Member of the Drama Club)  came running up to the three boys telling them that Chad (who Nate sometimes calls him Todd) bruised his tailbone. The next day, he was sitting on a donut.
NO! not that donut! I meant a medical donut. Anyway, Nate decided to challenge Jefferson in the "Ultimate Snowdown" a snowman contest. Jefferson kept their project secret but it turned out to be a suit of armor Nate and Dee Dee found in the closet. By then, Jefferson turned out to cheat at everything to beat P.S 38. So Nate and classmates won for the first time. The end. Wait until Big Nate Flips Out. Based on one of the comics by Lincoln Pierce.

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