Saturday, February 23, 2013

Toons These Days: Jake and the Never Land Pirates

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Doggy: Geez. And I thought Disney's interactive preschool junk were over. Cartoons are meant to entertain, not educate. They wrecked Mickey Mouse and now they ruined Peter Pan with a pointless rip off. And that pointless rip off is named Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

So it's about these kids named Jake, Izzy and Cubby who were marooned on an island. They grew into it and decided to stay. They are joined by their talking parrot Skully. Anyhoo, one day the nefarious Captain Hook plundered the island and even took it over. Remember, this is my own story, there was no pilot episode. The kids battled to the death with him and that old codfish fled with Mr. Smee and two random crew members named Sharky and Bones.

The whipper-snappers took over the island and randomly talk to nobody. That's what happens in some kids shows. And it looks like Pan was killed even though he returned as a spirit in two episodes. The kids friends include the seductive mermaid Marina, an idiot seal and many more. That's all I can think of since the others were so forgettable.

Rating, 2 doubloons out of 5. Glad it didn't make into a feature film! Or else it would've beaten all the other movies at the Oscars like winning every award in the show. Speaking of the Oscars, I gotta get ready.

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