Tuesday, February 12, 2013

State of the Union

I haven't talked about politics in a while, so I'm going to blog about the State of the Union. I'm sick though, so I might not watch the whole thing. I have a fever and a headache and I threw up yesterday. Gross.

People are going into the room. What are those green ribbons for?

Senator Marco Rubio is going to make the Republican response. I don't think I'll make it that long.

My mom was just feeling my forehead for my fever. Then she stuck her finger in my ear and it tickled.

Oh, the green ribbons are in honor of the kids at Sandy Hook.

My mom likes Michelle Obama's hair.

My mom just asked me if I'd like to be at the State of the Union. NO. It looks very loud and crowded. It's probably hot, too. If I were there I might throw up again.

There's Paul Ryan. I still think he should have been the new vice president. Ryan is much younger than Biden and he works out more.

This is taking very long to get started.

The reporter we're watching is talking about how Obama might talk about gun control.

Here comes Obama! He's shaking hands and kissing people. I hope he doesn't get sick from kissing all those people. My mom says I probably caught whatever I have when we went to the Museum and saw the Charlie Brown exhibit last Saturday.

They need to hurry this up. I'm bored.

Obama gave a thumbs up to John Boehner.

Stop clapping and let him talk!

Jack says that Boehner doesn't consider it a privilege or an honor to present Obama! Do you think he's right?

When was "this chamber" built? I'll have to look that up. Jack says 18somethingorother.

Jack hates the line "the state of our union is strong." He says it is so badly written.

If these people keep standing up and clapping, this speech will take a long time.

What ever happened to Bill Clinton? Mom says he is off doing ex-president things.

Obama is talking about budget cuts and medicare and health insurance and reforms and retirement. The government shouldn't make promises they can't keep.

I think I'm done here. I need to take some motrin and go to bed. :-(

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