Saturday, February 23, 2013

Toons These Days: The Annoying Orange TV Show

Doggy: There's a time in every man's life where they say...why? Why did this happen? Alot of Internet personnel have been incorporated to TV like Pucca and Fred. There is one guy and it's the Annoying Orange. A show about a STINKING fruit! We all know the phrase, "if it's fixed, don't break it" but nowadays its "if it's fixed, CN has the rights".

Cartoon Network has been dishing out a lot of trash like the Looney Tunes Show, Level Up, and most recently Incredible Crew. But this show redeemed themselves. So what's the story?

Well for the webshow, it's about a talking orange who lives in a kitchen that annoys every fruit, veggie or random object he sees. His friends include a pear, a tiny apple, a marshmallow, a grapefruit, a passion fruit, a geezer lemon and also most recently, a squash. Conroy showed it to me and I didn't get it. How can they talk? Why is the orange annoying? How did this get so famous!? The show was created by one Daneboe who liked making talking thing videos.

The story of the cartoon involve these guys living in a grocery store with this guy named Nerville played by Toby Turner. They go on all sorts of crazy adventures like traveling to the center of the earth, flying on a plane, fighting knights, exploring an alien planet made of candy and lots more!

The jokes in the webshow sometimes revolves around them having no limbs. In the cartoon however they can move by hopping.

I think that's all I got for this time. Join me next time as I teach ballet to a class of mice. Try and guess that.

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