Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Toons These Days: Gumball

Doggy: There are shows that I like, shows that I hate, shows that I deplore and then the Amazing World of Gumball. This is a doozy.

So it's about this cat named Gumball who lives with his 4 year old egghead sister, legged fish, mom, dad in Elmore, somewhere. Where the kid gets into all sorts of wacky adventures like a streak of bad luck, getting his mind off kisses from his grandma and all that. But I gotta say, the show is pretty creative. I mean, we have 2D, CGI, stop-motion and even a live action knee or elbow. Anyway, Gumball's friends include a antlered peanut who's his crush, a ghost, a Sharptooth I mean T-Rex. Sorry, those Land Before Time sequels are still getting to me.

In other words, I like it more than the Problem Solverz. Guess what modern toon I'm reviewing next.

Conroy: Hey Apple, knife!

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