Monday, May 5, 2014

Transformers Reloaded

I've recently got an idea for a new TV series based on one look at my Hulk toy. I call it Transformers Reloaded which takes place after my favorite of the Transformers cartoons, Animated.

Here's the plot: Set a long time after TFA, new Autobots will be born. Including one Autobot named Mini-Prime. Constructed as a recon probe, Mini-Prime is a cheerful and friendly individual who looks up to Optimus Prime and his group of Autobots for their great heroism. One fateful day, Mini-Prime is ordered by Sentinel Prime to search for a famous Autobot veteran named Bulk Bolts, who was thrown into a permanent stasis-lock by an incarnation of Megatron known as First Blood and based on my Hulk Transformer. Upon finding Bulk Bolts, he meets some more Autobots including Sir Arthur, Lightning Strike and Wish Granted. A few months later when Mini-Prime, Bulk Bolts, Sir Arthur, Lightning Strike, Wish Granted, Huffer & Pipes, Arcee, Hot Rod and Sai Stab were being transported to Cybertron through the Ark, Decepticons led by First Blood attacked, rusting several Autobots but Mini-Prime and friends. Mini-Prime wanted to help fight them but Sentinel Prime refused because he was too young. Just as the Ark was going to blow up, Mini-Prime and his group were accidentally trans-warped to Detroit in the year 2078, where they met Issac Sumdac's organic son Jerry and his friend the wacky sanitation worker Wreck-Gar. Knowing that First Blood would trace them to Earth, Mini-Prime decided to start training with Bulk Bolts to prepare for battle.

Good story, right? Well, here's the non-fficial cast I made up. Like another series I thought of called Mega Man Megaforce, this show features robots based off of other fictional characters. (i.e. Lightning Strike is based off of Sonic the Hedgehog)

Autobots and humans
Tara Strong as Mini-Prime (I base Mini-Prime's voice off of Bokkun from Sonic X)
Jim Cummings as Bulk Bolts
Eris Loomis as Sir Arthur
Jason Griffith as Lightning Strike
Daran Norris as Wish Granted
Rob Paulsen as Sai Stab
Ian James Cortlett as Plasma Power
Jay Leno as Bulldoze
Tracey Moore as Hydrant
Vincent Martella as Jerry

(Please note that these are the only Decepticons I thought up)
Alan Oppenheimer as First Blood, the main antagonist
Michael Donovan as Lava Pour, an incarnation of Starscream and First Blood's second in command.

Well now that's that, good night everybody!

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