Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mega Man Megaforce

After becoming a newfound fan of Mega Man through his reveal in Smash Bros, the comics, Mega Man 2 and the Ruby-Spears cartoon, I decided "Hey, if there should be more than one Mega Man cartoon, then why not I make one!" So that's the birth of my new series Mega Man Megaforce. Like Transformers Reloaded, a lot of the Robot Masters that are members of the Megaforce or created by Wily are based off of other fictional characters. Here are my favorites that I created!

  • Thief Man, based off of Sly Cooper
  • Hungry Man, based off of Homer Simpson
  • Grow Man, based off of the Lorax
  • Marmalade Man, based off of Paddington Bear
  • Chowder Man, based off of Chowder
  • Catch Man, based off of Ash Ketchum
And now, here's something I hope you'll really like: the plot! Set after the events of Mega Man 10 after his most recent battle with Wily, Mega Man decided he needed some backup so he requested Dr. Light to create some Robot Masters for his new group that he calls the Megaforce. Along with his sister Roll, the faithful dogbot Rush and a whole slew of colorful characters, Mega Man will always be there to stop Wily from taking over the world. Early in the second season, Sigma from Mega Man X finds a time vortex that leads him to the year 20XX and a partnership with Light's jealous colleague. A lot of the stories deal with Wily creating a new Robot Master or Maverick that will destroy the Megaforce or the city and Mega Man has to stop it.

Later in the third season, Wily discovers Ra Moon in the Lanfront Ruins and uses the alien supercomputer to construct new Robot Masters or Mavericks from here on.

Well, that's all the show has to offer, and now the cast!

Jason Griffith as Mega Man, Proto Man
Jim Byrnes as Dr. Light
Ashleigh Ball as Roll
Frank Welker as Rush, Beat, Eddie, Tango
Scott McNeil as Dr. Wily
Carter Cathcart as Auto
Tim Curry as Sigma
David Humphery as Bass
Maurice LaMarche as Ra Moon
Kevin Miller as Thief Man
Dan Castellaneta as Hungry Man
Veronica Taylor as Catch Man
Nicky Jones as Hungry Man

I guess that's all I can think of for the cast so good night everybody!

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