Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Do you wanna watch a movie?

I recently got Disney's Frozen on Blu Ray thanks to my mom and I'm now watching so here's my review of i...(phone rings) Yes? (bazooka fires out of receiving end) If I get another bazooka to the face, this phone will be blasted to bits!

So here's the basic plot for those who haven't seen it: there are two sisters that are princesses of a kingdom and one has ice powers that she can't control. When the other sister is crowned, she accidentally reveals them to the public and now the first sister has to go find her in what I think a Wizard of Oz style when she encounters an ice-seller & his pet reindeer and a snowman who doesn't care if he's killed off. And there's also a prince who is the youngest of twelve brothers and some crazy Duke who hates having his place's name mispronounced.

I guess that's all I can...(phone rings again) You sure this ain't Culver's? (another bazooka is fired from the phone) Alright, that's it! (aims bazooka at phone, explosion in the distance) That oughta stop whoever keeps shooting me! Now I want said whoever to call me and reveal their name! (phone rings once more) Alright, who is it this time?

Caller: I thought this was the local lasagna joint? They make the best I've ever tasted!

Garfield? How did you get a hold of a bazooka?

Garfield: I found one in the junkyard while looking for parts to make an antenna.

You could just find a coat hanger. What do you need stuff like that for?

Garfield: The TV broke and we had to lock Jon in the kitchen closet because he went nuts. He said he'd miss Once Upon a Time.

You mean Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time? I was reviewing the Blu Ray for Frozen and I'm watching it right now. Also, I heard it's coming to that show.

Garfield: You mean my indie short film has been noticed by Hollywood?

No, I mean the other Frozen with Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel. What is your Frozen about?

Garfield: It was just me filming Odie trapped in a snow bank. You wanna watch it? I'm selling DVDs.

Sure, just send it over. (hangs up) Well, I gotta go now.

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