Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lego Movie Review

I am going to try to make this review SPOILER FREE!

I enjoyed the Lego Movie a lot. Now that that's out of the way, let's see if it is awesome as it was advertised or as bad as losing an important piece of a Lego set.

First off, the story. Critics and people say that it's the most imaginative (no pun intended) film since Toy Story. For me, I'd have to agree. Although the whole "zero to hero" thing has been done a few times with the only other animated feature I've seen doing that was Disney's Hercules, WB, Village Roadshow and the guys behind Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, take it to a whole new level!
In all the different places that our heroes go to such as the Old West and Cloud Cuckoo Land, each have a different story to them. I won't give anything away but they are really enjoyable and just make you wanna go back there, like the Fix-It Felix game from Wreck-It Ralph or Destiny Islands from Kingdom Hearts. Overall, the story is very well done, even for a Lego movie, in which you can make your own settings, characters and adventures.

Next, the animation. It is very original, innovative and good. For example, Bricksburg, home to our main character Emmet gives us a mix of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco with a lot of different buildings and even some of the people living there have their own charm. The Old West seems to be reminiscent of many western movies such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Blazing Saddles and The Lone Ranger, which I might give it a watch because it's Johnny Depp. Cloud Cuckoo Land is very colorful and reminds people of many little girl cartoons with its cutesy architecture and weird people. The rest I don't have time to explain like the Octan Tower.

The characters are very likable and colorful. First there's Emmet, an ordinary guy who lives his life following the instructions. Like many other nobodies in film, he has his own charm which makes him a good character to root for.
Wyldstyle or Lucy before the film was even released, a tech-savvy fighter Master Builder is a good love interest for both Emmet and Batman. Speaking of which.........
I think the reason why everyone thinks this film is well "awesome" because of the various cameos, most notably the Dark Knight himself, Batman. Like I said, he's Wyldstyle's boyfriend throughout most of the film until the end, which I won't give away because what I said earlier.
Vitruvius doesn't seem that important other than progressing the story and spouting out the prophecy a few times. Although Morgan Freeman does a good job.
Unikitty is my favorite character in this because of her cuteness. She just makes me......HNNGH!
Benny, being a mini fig from the 80s have extreme knowledge on 80s technology which makes him a great comic relief.
Metalbeard is the coolest out of all the main characters because of his design and backstory. Besides, he's a pirate and pirates are awesome.
Finally, Lord President Business who makes a great Lego bad guy to be along the likes of Lord Garmadon and the Brickster. He also seems to be a fan of tacos since his evil plot in the film centers around Taco Tuesday.

Overall, the film is just awesome! The story is fantastic, the animation is extraordinary and the characters are just lovable. I would've had time to explain Bad/Good Cop but hey, you can't waste time on a review. My favorite scene would have to be Emmet's life in Bricksburg, I mean I would love to watch a show about pants jokes. Anyway, my recommendations: Lego fan or not, this film is just awesome!

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