Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fox News says what?

Fox News says the Lego Movie is bad for kids because it is anti-business.


They said the same thing about The Muppets and The Lorax. Is there any movie that Fox won't attack?

I think this is ridiculous. The Lego Movie is set up as a story within a story. There is the Lego story of the evil Lord Business trying to crazy glue all of legoland together to keep everything in place and tidy, and there is the frame story of the kid playing with his dad's legos. The kid wants to be creative and the dad wants everything to be in place.

Isn't that the point of creativity? Making news things and breaking some rules? Steve Jobs was one of the greatest business men ever, and he did it by being creative and breaking rules.

I don't know what grown ups want sometimes. When you are a kid and are in school, it's all "obey the rules! Don't color outside the lines!" But then you look at the rest of the world and it's all "think outside the box! Be creative!" Even John McCain was supposed to be a "maverick." Yuck. So confusing.

Also, if the Lego Movie is anti-business, but the Lego Corp is a giant business -- pretty ironic, right?

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