Tuesday, January 24, 2012

State of the Union Speech

I watched the speech with my Mom and Dad and Jack. This is what we thought.

Here comes Obama! There are two old guys in front of Obama. Jack says the one guy is the Sergeant at arms of the Senate.

John Boehner looks bored. He's rude.

Obama thinks the Republicans and Democrats should all work together. Jack says "that's not going to happen."

Obama says he will work with anyone. I wonder if when people stand and applaud if it is only Democrats standing up? I wonder how long this speech is without the clapping?

Boehner finally clapped. After 24 minutes.

Obama thinks Americans will always win. Go America!

Obama says we need more workers who know science. Dad asked me if I was going to be a scientist. But I want to be an author.

Aren Duncan used to be head of our schools. Now he is Secretary of Education.

Obama says to stop bashing teachers. Go Obama!

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