Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kingdom Blogs

The plot of the first Kingdom Hearts game is about a young boy named Sora who lives on Destiny Islands with his best friends Riku and Kairi, who dream of going to new worlds. They build a raft in hopes of it sailing. Meanwhile at Disney Castle, The royal wizard Donald Duck comes to the Audience Hall to greet King Mickey Mouse when he sees that he's not here but the King's dog Pluto with a note in his mouth. Donald reads it and goes bonkers to the courtyard where the Captain of the Knights Goofy was napping. Donald wakes him using thunder and tells him that the King was missing. It was soon revealed by Queen Minnie Mouse and her lady in waiting Daisy. Back at the islands later that night, Sora was in his room thinking about the great adventures he and his friends are going to have the next day. Eventually, he finds a thunderstorm over the islands. At the castle library, the two were ordered to go to a place called Traverse Town and find a man named Leon. At the stairway to the Gummi Ship garage, Jiminy Cricket talks to Donald and Goofy about how his world was swallowed by darkness. Engineers Chip and Dale launch the ship but it accidently makes the ship fall into deep space and goes into warp drive.   Back at the islands, Sora runs on the dock to find Riku's boats in pieces. He arrives at a mysterious cave with Kairi standing in front of a door with a large keyhole. When Sora tried to catch her, she disappeared into thin air. Sora meets Riku at the isle where he stands on a dark portal. Sora obtains a powerful weapon called a Keyblade and encounters creatures called Heartless. In a war torn version of his world, he battles a giant Heartless called a Darkside. After battle he gets sucked into a dark portal in the sky and transported to Traverse Town, where he gets licked by Pluto. In the First District, Sora meets Leon who takes him to a green room in a hotel where a girl named Yuffie talks to him about the Keyblade and the Heartless. In another room next door, a young woman name Aerith talks to Donald and Goofy the same thing. Meanwhile in the 3rd District, Sora meets the two who have been blown off a balcony by Heartless and landed on him, the three are destined to find Riku, Kairi and the King. They traveled to many worlds and end up in a place called the "End of the World". Where they find a gigantic door called the Door to Darkness and meet Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. After battling and destroying Ansem, the trio find Riku and the King behind it. Sora, Donald and Goofy tried to close it. The king and Sora seal it with their Keyblades. Riku turns to his friend with a remark of "Take care of her." Kairi drifts away from Sora and everything returns to normal....for now. The end. The ending clip foreshadows the PS2 and GBA game "Chain of Memories".

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