Monday, January 30, 2012

My Experiments

Almost everyday I've been wondering "What ever happend to the Lilo and Stitch games I used to play?" So I searched the TV show website and guess what happend! I finally found my long lost most favorite game Jumba's Lab! I was still working on Kauai Caper but I'll get to that soon enough. Here are the experiments I made.

1. Experiment 700: Bumper
2. Experiment 702: Betty
3. Experiment 786: Ricky
4. Experiment 725: Seek
5. Experiment 766: Spidey
6. Experiment 783: Speedy
7. Experiment 746: Hyppy
8. Experiment 795: Yozma (incomplete primary function, JUST KIDDING!)

I completed 795's function and he's ready to peace out!

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