Monday, January 16, 2012

I am an Author

Tonight I posted my very first story online. I wrote a My Little Pony/Kingdom Hearts crossover and posted i on

My mom says I need to keep writing to get better. Next time, I want to write "The Berenstain Bears Meet the Mario Brothers." In that story, Luigi accidently breaks a time bomb when he was making a football out of stone, which sends he and his brother Mario get sent through time to another dimension called Bear Country, a world filled with bears of different shapes and sizes. They try to get help from anyone who knows the time bomb. They find a man named Professor Actual Factual. Who thinks the bomb was built by the brothers nemesis King Koopa AKA Bowser! The bros go the Bear Country School Friday night to find cheering from the auditorium/gym. But it figures that a naked boogie was in full swing! Foam from a flying fire extingusher fell on Luigi, innapropriate rap music boomed from the intercom which hurted Mario's ears and Yoshi eating the whatchamacallits (poop) Mario decided to get help from Principal Honeycomb and Chief Margeurite. And so, the boogiw was cancelled, parents were phoned and Yoshi got a stomach ache. The brothers return to the Mushroom Kingdom so they can tell stories about the odd world and the naked boogie. Also Princess Peach toke care of Yoshi's stomach ache. The end.
The moral is "If two plumbers enter a new world by a bomb, trouble has stroken them."
I do not own Super Mario Bros or The Berenstain Bears. They belong to Stan and Jan Berenstain and Nintendo.

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