Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A lot of Random Clips

(static, cut to Sonic and Tails scaling a building '60s Batman style)

Tails: Alright Sonic, we should be reaching Eggman who is a couple more floors away. (suddenly, Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed appears beside the duo climbing the same building as them)
Ezio: Greetings civilians, I am looking for Masyaf Castle in which under it holds a library of vast knoweldge. Can you lead me there?
Sonic: Try looking for Leonardo da Vinci, Mr. Climber. No wait, he's dead. Okay, try looking at your local library.
Ezio: Thank you. (he continues climbing)
Sonic: Hm, that guy sounded familiar.

(static, cut to Mario standing off against Bowser as usual)
Mario: Alright-a Bowser, this has gone on for long enough!
Bowser:'re right. I mean, I've spent 25 years kidnapping the same princess over and over again. Don't you think I should see other occupations?
Mario: I think I know just the job for you.......
(following that sequence, Bowser receives his own video game......which instantly fails due to the massive glitches)
Mario: At least it was less glitchy than Sonic 06.

(static, cut to Pac-Man in Dr. Mario's office)
Dr. Mario: You have diabetes from eating those ghosts

(static, cut to Mega Man getting a tune-up)
Mega Man: My life energy and weapon energy are full!
Dr. Light: Indeed Rock, but there is one small glitch I discovered....
Mega Man: No time Doctor, I gotta Wilies to bu(he then explodes)
Dr. Light: The glitch is that you'll be explosion prone. Maybe I should've used OCP's technology.

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