Monday, December 15, 2014

The Blog Post that Time Forgot

Man, has it been a long while since my last post, but now I'm back baby! With a review. And no, it's not a continuation of the first part of the Eevee and Friends review. Instead, I'll be viewing the recent Toy Story special Toy Story That Time Forgot.

This one starts two days after Christmas at Bonnie's house. What, you thought it was going to be a flashback thing about how Andy first got Woody? Well too bad! Anyway, Trixie isn't happy with how she isn't be played like a dinosaur, which takes us into the main theme of this special: You can play however the heck you wanna play. We then get introduced to one of of the many new characters in this, Angel Kitty, voiced by Emma Hudak who doesn't even have her own Wikipedia page. Following that, Bonnie goes to a playdate at her friend's, who is yet another new character, Mason who got a new video game system and a ginormous line of toys known as the Battlesaurs for Christmas.

It turns out that these toys are really insane because Mason hasn't played with them and their leader known simply as The Cleric is the only one who knows they're toys. So after Trixie and Rex suit up, the games begin as.....a sock monkey gets torn apart and two other toys lose their heads. Y'KNOW, FOR KIDS! Also, some other Battlesaurs take the other toys hostage and Trixie starts having the hots for another one named Reptillus Maximus. Soon our two heroes from the first three films escape and tell they don't know they're toys, even Buzz finds it amazing. I GET IT!

Back to the special, Woody and Buzz are swallowed up by this big fat Battlesaur which leads Trixie to find Bonnie to save them and Cleric orders Reptillius to stop her. He then discovers his own packaging during the chase while the evil Cleric tries to get rid of Woody, Buzz and Angel Kitty using Rex, against the not-very-scary dino's will. Unlucky for Lord Purple, Trixie finds the console's setup strip and is stopped by Reptillus but our triceratops tells him the importance of being a toy, which leads to a change of heart and being found by Mason. He and Bonnie then start playing with the Battlesaurs which saves our unlucky Stooges from their ventilated demise.

After the toys head home and tell the others of their adventure, Reptillus awaits Trixie's return next Tuesday sometime at 3:30. This was a really great special even if it doesn't center around the holidays much. I would also give Pixar props for actually having characters killed brutally harmed, ONSCREEN TO BE EXACT! Looks like Lasseter is taking some notes from Gravity Falls.

Anyways, I give this.........5 out of 5 stars. Well, hope that please you on my return!

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