Thursday, October 16, 2014


A little bird told me (that little bird being the Internet) that The Lego Movie will have a spin-off film featuring Batman as the main character set for release in 2017, pushing TLM's sequel to the year after that.

Now let's take some time to speculate on one thing: what's the plot? Maybe Joker will create his Kragle that freezes targets upon them going insane. I know that sounds a little dark even for a widely-successful animated film based on a line of construction toys but it's Batman, what do you expect? Or maybe it will be inspired by the old Adam West series. Maybe not since one, that would be too cheesy and two, the first part of the upcoming Zack Snyder Justice League movie would be given a bad name simply because it was released the same year as that other movie.

Alright I've got a great idea. Joker teams up with some fellow Gotham baddies (I'd pick Penguin, Mr. Freeze and the Riddler) to take over the city and eventually the entire Lego universe by using Kragle made out of Kryptonite! I know it may sound ridiculous and the Kryptonite part may be a slight step into crossover territory but DC just adores crossovers and maybe we can see Superman in the film like in Lego Batman 2.

I must go now, my grades needs me. And remember, everything is AWESOME!

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