Wednesday, October 8, 2014


My mom and grandma were talking about that guy in Dallas who died of ebola. "We're all screwed," I told my mom. She says she doesn't think so. She said that since I don't know anyone who has ebola and have never been to Dallas, I'm safe. I guess so.

Jack keeps giving me big wet smooches and telling me he's giving me ebola. Mom yells at him, because he has a cold, and she doesn't want me to catch it. I got really mad at Jack earlier this evening and screamed "may the demons whisper your name, John Christopher!!!" Mom  said she was sick of both of us. Jack needs to stop trying to spread contagion and disease, and I'm not allowed to invoke Satan in the house.  Jack says mom is no fun.

Dad is in Brazil right now. He sent us a picture of the beach. Mom got very sad, because he's on a beach and she is listening to us talk about ebola and demons. I think she doesn't appreciate our sparkling insanity.

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