Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Conroy and Doggy at the Movies: Monsters University

Doggy: What the Fred Wolf did I just watch?

Conroy: Only the best Pixar movie since The Incredibles! The animation, the story and the characters! Why did Michael Phillips have to hate it?

Doggy: I don't get it, just by the first second I just got lost in it! Is it supposed to be a Pixar movie or a generic high school drama flick?

Conroy: Well, Mike and Sulley in Monsters Inc are like Homer Simpson and George Jetson except they're monsters and voiced by John Goodman and Billy Crystal. In here, they're like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. One is a smart goofball and the other is just crazy!

Doggy: We're not talking Looney Tunes here. You've seen how they died and Kristen Wiig still gives me nightmares. Still what's the plot? Did Mike and Sulley lose their jobs at Monsters Inc and had to go back to school or did they accidentely reverse time?

Conroy: Actaully, it's a prequal explaining how Mike and Sulley became friends, how Randall came to hate Sulley and why did the snowcone Yeti got banished to the Himalaylas.

Yeti: Snowcone?

Doggy: Maybe a snowcone will clear my mind. Also, is Frozen about a girl who has to save her sister or a Looney Tunes-esque snowman and reindeer? And also, Turbo sounds pretty stupid! Aren't snails normally slow, and who was that purple guy next to Dave in the policy short.

Conroy: Oh well! Readers, if you want to see this then it's guaranteed!

Doggy: Or if you hated Pixar since Cars 2, watch a college movie instead!

(My rating: 8/10)

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