Monday, June 24, 2013

Toons These Days: Conroy Cat's Top 10 SSB4 Characters

Conroy: Greetings friends! As you know, I am Conroy Cat if you read my comic and since Doggy is on vacation in Porta Vista, he let me take over. Now ever since Smash Bros 4 has been fully revealed back at E3 along with a pile of Nintendo games with new characters like Mega Man, the Villager from Animal Crossing and Wii Fit Trainer, I have taken the time to assemble the mightiest characters in Video Game Land in this very top ten list! Now let's get Smashing!

#10: Sly Cooper
Now this one was tricky since I originally wanted Conker on this spot. Y'know, the M-rated gun-wielding red squirrel? Anyway, Sly's move-set would be based on moves done by his ancestors. Like Tennessee Kid Cooper with the rail walk, Slytunkhamen with his shadow-cloak thing and Rioichu with his perch-whatever. Yeah, I don't play Sly Cooper much. I'm more into Call of Duty and Batman. Sorry squirrel, but this spot belongs to the Cooper Clan! I'll save you for later.

#9: Mickey Mouse/Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
When Annie-San and I played Epic Mickey 2, I noticed something. Mickey and Oswald's move-sets are based on how control them in the game! They could be like the Ice Climbers except stronger, faster and agile. If those two touch that Smash Ball, who knows what's gonna happen!

#8: Krystal
Now, I know not all of you are Star Fox fans since everyone hated the endings in Command or that's what I think. Krystal could use telepathy to blast away opponents, sense attacks and use her staff as a weapons. Plus, we do need more female fighters than....four. And why not use her appearence in Adventures as an alternate costume? (purrs) Yep, I'm a sucker for skimpy clothes. (whispers) Don't tell Doggy.

#7: Conker
I already mentioned before at #10 but now adults' favorite rodent got his own spot. He could be like in Pocket Tales, Bad Fur Day and Live & Reloaded where he uses an array of weapons. B for gun, A for slingshot, a flick of the wrist for the bazooka and many more! I promised ya Conks and now here you are!

#6: Na-na-na-na-na-na-na, Batman!
That's right! The Dark Knight, Caped Crusader, Bruce Wayne, the Batman! Being a superhero, he could his wide variety of gadgets like the Batarang, the grappling hook and last but not least the BatMobile!

#5: Sora
A LOT of people want this kid in the next Smash Bros but they couldn't decide on a move-set so I have one. He could beat up opponents with the Keyblade which is only the Kingdom Key unless you can change weapons, use drive forms when pressing the C, Z, 1 and 2 buttons and when he touches that Smash Ball, he could open Kingdom Hearts and suck up other guys! The power of the Keyblade is in your hands Sakurai.

#4: Waluigi
With three more characters set to be announced like Pac-Man, Little Mac and Mii, why not have the purple Luigi join the battle? He could his tennis racket to whack people into the ground like his assist trophy in Brawl and his Final Smash could be running them over with his kart.  Wet Waluigi woin the wing!

#3: The Prince
Some people might say "WHAT?! This wimp in Smash Bros? He'll never make it in!!" Well, I say no! The Prince can be a very powerful character since he squishes EVERYONE onto his ball! That is all.

#2: Bowser Jr/Shadow Mario
Since his first appearance in Super Mario Sunshine, everyone wanted him in SSB! And I agree with them. Like Samus, his Final Smash can be changing into another form and once he touches that Smash Ball again, he can revert back. Simple, right?

Conroy: All right before I get to number 1, let's recap. #10: Sly Cooper, #9: Mickey and Oswald, #8: Krystal, #7: Conker, #6: Batman, #5: Sora, #4: Waluigi, #3: The Prince and #2: Bowser Jr. So who could it be?

#1: Knuckle Joe
Oh man, this is the guy! Now I didn't include any Kirby characters on this list because of what happened to Meta Knight, I decided to give Joe some light. He's an assist trophy in Brawl and his Final Smash might be Rising Break which if it's done like in the anime, oh man! Knuckle Joe has a very good chance of getting in being the main helper in Kirby Superstar and getting a lot of fame in the anime so let this little kid enter the ring. Oh and by the way, have him voiced by Jason Griffith.

Conroy: Now that we're done with the predictions, let's move on to the runners up. Joe and Mac, Kat and Ana, Wreck-It Ralph, Dr. Eggman, Bomberman, Banjo & Kazooie, King K Rool, Simon Belmont and Lady Palutena. See you guys! 

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