Monday, July 1, 2013

Toons these Days: The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about That

Doggy: AHH, MY BRAINS! OH THE CHARACTERS, THEY'RE SO STUPID! HOH BOY, OH JEBUS, BY THE NAME OF HAYAO MIYAZAKI, THEY'RE SO DUMB! Conroy, get me a giant marshmallow to avert my senses!

Conroy: Here you go! (throws giant marshmallow)

Doggy: Ah, that's better. Anyway, the show I watched is another media version of Dr. Suess' works. This one in fact is a Cat in the Hat cartoon starring Martin Short and Robin Tinkler. The story is about the Cat who's friends with these bratty nobodies named Nick and Sally. In the original book and the Bo Welch movie, it was Sally and a boy named Conrad.

Back to the Cat, they go to all sorts of places with dumb names like Muddyfeet Waterhole, the kingdom of Color-Galore and many more stupidly-named places. As for Nick and Sally, they're just dim lightbulbs waiting to burn out. And just when you think that they have only mothers like the Romeo and Juliet with the Flash-animated seals, think again you little shmucks! Watch the Christmas special.

And they say the Cat knows everything but no! The good name of Ted Geisel has been ruined a lot of times save for Blue Sky's Horton movie and I think it's time for these adaptations to die out and be forgotten.

Speaking of Flash, this show is animated in this kind. And I thought Johnny Test was so horrible and easily-made. My rating on this show, half a hat! Coming up next, my first crossover review with Chester A Bum. Wish us good luck on surviving more about everyone's FAVORITE Flash cartoon but it's a surprise. Here's a hint, it's on Cartoon Network and has James Arnold Taylor in it.

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