Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Top Ten Disney Sidekicks

10. Dopey from Snow White. No wait, Happy. No, Doc. No, Grumpy. You know what, cross them out and go with the Seven Dwarfs. (Sorry about that. I had a little trouble)
9. Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.
8. Baloo from The Jungle Book.
7. Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.
6. Thomas O'Malley from the Aristocats.
5. Mushu from Mulan.
4. Genie from Aladdin.
3. Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King.
2. Phil from Hercules.
1. Donald and Goofy.

Some characters on this list belong to Mat Brunet aka AniMat's version of this list. All rights go to the Walt Disney Company and Electric Dragon Productions.


  1. My favorite Disney sidekick is the snake, Sir Hiss, from Robin Hood.

  2. My favorite sidekick(s) are Timon and Pumbaa because of their motto. Hakuna Matata!

  3. I love Yzma's sidekick, Kronk, from The Emperor's New Groove. Also, if you are including Disney/Pixar films, I would add several more to the list. (Mike Wazowski! Etc!)

  4. I would make an updated version of this.