Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tales of a 4th Grade Muppet

I've been reading book 2 of Kirk Scroggs' "Tales of a 6th Grade Muppet" It's about Danvers Blickinsderfer's continuing life as a Muppet. But when a new kid is in town. It's up to Muppet yukmeisters Pepe the Prawn, Fozzie Bear and Rowlf to help him regain his title of "Class Clown" Meanwhile, Danvers' evil little sister Chloe has been stealing Miss Piggy's thunder by getting her own gig at the Muppet Theater. When I think about, I've been also thinking what life will be like if I was a Muppet. If the Theater would pop out of nowhere and Statler and Waldorf would heckle me everywhere I go. Well, if that happens. But just like Rafiki from The Lion King says "Look beyond what you see."

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