Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Name for the New Chuck

Our class pet, Chuck died the other day. This made me feel very sad because I was going to take him home this weekend.

But on the bright side, I get to take home the new Chuck! New Chuck has the same fur-length as Ms. Shapiro's class pet, Bucky, and his fur color is the same as Old Chuck.  He is very cute.

We had a class vote for the name of the new hamster.  "Big Mac" won the vote by ONE vote. I didn't vote for Big Mac. I still like Jay! Everybody got upset, so now Ms Marcheschi has to name him. I didn't get upset because I am okay with Big Mac. My mom still likes Tubman for a name. Jack says his name should be "Ham Solo." I think that sounds kind of weird, but that might be because Jack is weird.

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