Monday, February 27, 2012

My Weekend with Dwight

Friday I got to take home the new hamster Dwight. Me and Mom tried to put him into his ball but Mom was scared of his scrabbly little paws. Fortunetly, Dad was brave enough to hold Dwight. Once he got home, Dwight was able to play in his ball and in his playpen, but the problem was the lid of his ball kept popping off and he tried to escape. He escaped one time and ran around under the kitchen table. While he was in his playpen, we fed him carrots and one treat. He ate them, and then pooped a lot. Mom dumped the poop out the door into the backyard.

Last night, Dwight was playing in his playpen and he climbed up the bars and got over the wall! Dad yelled "jailbreak" and mom made us put him back in his cage. This morning, mom told me she got up in the middle of the night to make sure he didn't escape.

I had fun with Dwight, but I was kind of glad to bring him back to school. My dad kept calling Dwight buddy and I didn't like that becuse dad calls me buddy.

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