Monday, December 5, 2011

A Charlie Blog Christmas

Charlie Brown was feeling blue during the holidays, but an opportunity arises when he gets the chance to direct a Christmas play thanks to Lucy. But when he tells the cast what to do, things get a little wacky after that. Charlie decides that the play needs more emotion, like a Christmas tree. Lucy suggested a great big shiny aluminum tree. CB decided to go with Linus while the others practice their lines. Meanwhile at an X-mas tree farm, the twosome discovered that it was filled with metal trees except one small wooden wimpy one in the middle, eventually Charlie Brown decided that it needs him. Back at the stage, the boys come back with the tree. But some girls talk to Brown about the weak tree. In fact, Linus tried to make Charles feel better by explaining what Christmas is all about.
 After that, Charlie Brown left with the tree. When exiting the stage, the rest of the Peanuts follow him. In the fields, CB discovered that Linus was right. But when reaching his dog Snoopy's doghouse, he found a blue ribbon on the roof. He put a red ornament on his tree, he thought he killed it. When leaving, the gang arrive. Linus thought it may need some love. Suddenly, the rest take the decorations off Snoopy's doghouse and put it on Charlie Brown's tree. CB comes back with a big surprise. All his friends shouted merry Christmas to him and he lived happily ever after. I liked it because I'm a little Charlie Brownie myself.

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