Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I always wanted to write a fan fiction on Fanfiction.net. My pen name will be (I haven't decided yet) and I want to write a fiction about how some people hate the most annoying Sonic the Hedgehog character: Amy Rose.
She is so annoying because she wants to kiss Sonic and marry him! Oh, how I hate her! I want to put in Mario, Daffy, Luigi and Ganon in it for more pizzazz. I made up a sneak peek just for the people.

Amy: Gotcha, my darling Sonic.
Sonic: Amy? What are you doin' here?!
Amy: Sonic, this time there's no way getting out of marrying me!
Daffy: You are wrong! (spells "wrong" incorrectly) R-O-N-G (pulls out his humungo head feat) Wrong!

Stay tuned when I log in!

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